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  • "About project" - this part contains information about potentialities of the given site and tendencies of its development.

  • "Search" - gives you the possibility of looking for information, that is of your interest. Point out what you want to find "Organizations" or "Products". Fill in all necessary lines. In case you haven't filled in none of the lines, there will appear warning phrase. Attention: it doesn't matter what register of letters you use. We use context search. It means that you can enter only the part of organization's title or the products name, in any case you will get all information relating to this word. For instance, if you are looking for computers, that will be enough to enter compu and you'll get computer, computers, computational literature etc.
    If you need the products of the certain firm, you are to denote them. Choosing of "Branches of industry " and "Category of branch " will reduce (make easier) your search.
           The results are printed in a form of table. You have the possibility of sorting according organization's title or the products name. There are 12 records in every page. At the end of list there are the numbers of pages, where you can move on. Clicking the organization's title you get the card of organization, which contains information about producer: address, phone number, main activities etc. Pressing "E-mail" you will get post-program, by means of this procedure you can contact with the appropriate organization. If there is a price list of the presented producer, you have the opportunity of viewing it using the reference "Look through price list" (at the right bottom of the page). If you looking for the product, you can look through the card of product: price, description, supply conditions, product's graphic presentation (if it is presented).
           At the product's list you can choose necessary ones and send them into the "Basket". It's like a basket at the supermarket. You choose necessary products and buy them. In the project "Market" you mail the offer to producers or sellers.
           There is the icon "basket" at the right top of the screen. Using this icon you'll get your basket with products where you have the possibility to delete or offer them. You must configure your browser so that to accept Cookies files. Your products will be kept during 8 hours and then they will be deleted.

  • "Catalogue" - due to the possibility of choosing the branches of industry it will not take much time to find the organizations or products. Here you also may choose the category of branches. In "All categories" there are the companies, which have more than one main activity. The firm with no activity in our list you may find in "Miscellany". If you want to view the products of the chosen branch press "Show the products". The work instructions are described at the part of "Help" - "Search".

  • "Participants" - this part is consigned for registered organizations. Entering login and password you'll retrieve your card where you can renew information about your firm and it's price list. You have the possibility to correct information off-line by acquiring Excel-form. Press the button "Get Excel-form" and enter your E-mail into the dialog box. Getting Excel-form, fill it in according our instructions and mail to: [email protected]

  • "Registration" - allows you to register your organization in the "Market" database. Follow these instructions:

    • All marked lines are obligatory.
    • "Login" and "Password" print in Latin (more than 5 symbols).
    • Enter the full title of organizations.
    • Denote the branches of industry.
    • Enter the full address of organization (country, region, city, address). Attention: Moscow and St.-Petersburg are also regions.
    • Denote the initials and phone number of manager
    • Denote the code of the region in the line "Prefix"
    • Enter your E-mail
    • Enter your Individual Identification Number (10 or 12 numbers)
    • Click "Register"
    • You have the possibility of correcting off-line information by acquiring Excel-form. Press the button "Get Excel-form" and enter your E-mail into the dialog box. Getting Excel-form, fill it in according our instructions and mail to: [email protected]

  • "News" - this part contains the most important news, information about the changes and added functions to "Market" project.